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Hanes Rhyfeddol Cymry Lerpwl

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D. Ben Rees

Y mae'r gyfrol hon yn benllanw degawdau o waith ymchwil gan y Parc h. D Ben Rees i hanes unigryw Cymry Lerpwl a glannau Merswy. Mae'n drysorfa o wybodaeth am bobl a digwyddiadau yn un o'r dinasoedd m wyaf diddorol yn hanes Cymru a'r Gymraeg. Dros 100 o luniau.

This volume is the fruit of decades of research by the Rev. D Ben Rees into the unique story of the Welsh people living in Liverpool and on the banks of the Mersey. It is a treasury of information a bout people and events in one of the most interesting cities in re lation to Welsh history, its people and language. Over 100 photogr aphs.