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Ma Bili'n Bwrw'r Bronco

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Douglas Maxwell

Drama am bum crwt ifanc yn treulio'r haf yn cicio'u sodlau mewn parc ar stad o dai yng Nghwm Tawe. Ond mae digwyddiad ysgytwol yn rhoi diwedd ar eu direidi chwareus, ac yn gadael ei farc am byth. Addasiad o Grid Iron, Decky Does a Bronco.

It's the summer of 1983, and school's out. Five lads act out their dreams and fears in their local playground in Scotland. Their game, known as 'broncoing', is fast, furious and all about machismo. Although the manhood for which Decky and his mates are waiting seems a long time coming, little do they know how suddenly and abruptly it will be forced upon them.