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Llyfr Trist

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Michael Rosen

Pwy sy’n drist? Gall unrhyw un fod yn drist. Mae’n dod o unman ac yn dod o hyd i ti. Mae pethau trist ym mywydau pawb – falle fod gennyt ti rai y funud hon wrth i ti ddarllen hwn. Meddwl am ei fab Eddie a fu farw sy’n gwneud Michael Rosen yn fwyaf trist. Yn y llyfr hwn mae’n sgwennu am ei dristwch, sut mae’n effeithio arno, a rhai o’r pethau y mae’n eu gwneud er mwyn ymdopi â’r tristwch.

Who's sad? Anyone can be sad. Sadness comes from nowhere and finds you. There are sad things in everyone's lives - you may be feeling sad this minute as you read this. Michael Rosen is mainly sad when he thinks of his son, Eddie, who died. In this book, he writes about his sadness, how it affects him and about some of the things he does in order to cope with the sadness.